Friday, February 13, 2009

A week goes by

I was feeling horrible that I had not written on my blog - so tonight before writing this I decided to browse the 15 or so that I check and guess what - I'm not the only one! There are several blogs that haven't been active this week, so I don't feel so badly now.

It's been a busy, non-quilting, kind of week. I have only looked at my sewing machine, not touched it. Last weekend I help my hubby with a project which involved doing some button holes on my new machine, but that was it. This weekend, though, I have to get us ready for vacation. We leave in 6 days for sunny Florida. Going to see Mickey and some family. I hope I can find some time to work on my bee quilt.

NASCAR is back up and running this weekend with the Daytona 500 - we are looking forward to that. I need a quilt to hand quilt while watching races.... maybe that could be this weekend's project - come up with a small project just so I can have something to hand quilt during races. I think I have the perfecct project in mind.

In a quilt store in Chester, VT, I saw this neat idea. It was a wallhanging made up of small 2 or 3 inch squares that had collector pins on. What a great idea! I do have some of these collector pins and maybe make myself one of these wallhangings and start collecting more pins.

Okay - so who needs to pack for Florida - I got a quilt project I want to do instead!

Did anyone notice it's Friday the 13th? Does that bother anyone? I remember one year as a "tween" a bat appeared in our house on Friday the 13th! That really set the pace for the rest of them, but today has been fine.

On a sad note - let's keep the victims families of the flight that crashed in Buffalo, NY, in our prayers. Very sad story, especially so shortly after the heroics of the Miracle on the Hudson.

Have a great weekend!

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