Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steelers Won and No Quilting Done

Well, as are other Steelers fans, breathing a breath of relief after holding our breaths for the longest 2 minutes ever Sunday night. Congratulations Steelers.

However, no quilting is getting done. I'm kind of stuck - in the middle of working on my bee quilt but wanting to do something else. These times always slow me down and I end up not getting anything done. I am looking forward to Saturday though - I think I just might get an hour or so to myself at home and I plan on doing something quilt related. I hate that feeling of wanting to finish old projects but also wanting to start something new.

Wyatt is using my old sewing machine, set up right next to me at my new sewing table, and sewing up a storm when I am as well. As much as I want to encourage him it slows me down because I have to stop what I'm doing and help him with whatever problem he is having. I also tend to lose my focus and make mistakes. I do love seeing his enthusiasm though... and he loves my scraps!

Stay warm!

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