Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year 2000 Quilt

I am so close to having my Year 2000 quilt done.  I have so many squares left to use that I am piecing the back but to make it easy I am doing a row of pieced and then a strip, as shown below:
This quilt is getting so big - I want it to fit my queen size bed and it just seems to big.... but when I lay the top on my bed it fits and really could use a few more rows on the sides.  

You'll notice in the next picture how I incorporated my Year 2000 fabric: (okay I can't get that picture to upload - I'll try later).

I am thinking that since this quilt is so big I might try my hand at machine quilting.  I found places that I can rent time on a long arm machine and I would like to learn to use it.  Not that I want to stray from my fondness of hand quilting - just get this quilt done quickly and learn something new.  It will be so easy to quilt and it will be done!

I'm still waiting on my new sewing table to arrive - it's taking so long (or I'm just being impatient.)  I can't wait to get it and get everything organized and start having a good system, working on the bedroom floor just isn't working anymore!

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Bizarre Quilter said...

Congratulations! I finished mine in about 2004!!! LOL!! I collected fabrics throughout 2000.

I swapped squishies, but the quilt ended up so big! It hangs right down the sides of my king-sized bed.

Loz in Oz