Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Year 2000 Quilt Ready To Put Together

I'm so excited - while watching history in the making today on TV - I got my Year 2000 Quilt all pieced, front and back, and ready to put together and quilt. I got to stay home today from work and watch our new President be sworn in... then off to the sewing machine I went.

You know how you have all those little time consuming projects you want to get done but none of them are very important - well I got some done today - mostly getting photos in the photo album. I had about 8 months worth of photos that I needed to get organized an in the photo album. Today was a great day to get that done. Sit in front of the TV and get the photo album fixed up. One problem, I ran out of photo album, so I have to go get a new one - so the project didn't get totally done, but it is much closer and I don't have photo's laying around everywhere.

Now I just have to find a place big enough to lay out my mammoth Year 2000 quilt to sandwich it together!

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