Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Little Helper

My little sewing partner, Wyatt, is using my old sewing machine, now that I have a new one, and is sewing up a storm. Yesterday I sewed for several hours and he was by my side a good bit of it making his own stuff, and learning what the machine would do. He sewed some 2 inch blocks together, he sewed some scraps together and made his own pillow. It's so cute!

Meanwhile, I have almost the entire backside of my Year 2000 quilt done. I need to add 2 more boarders and I will be ready to put it together to quilt. The problem is, it is so huge that I need to find someplace large to be able to lay it out and put it together - I don't have that kind of space at home unless I move stuff around. I cannot wait until this quilt is done, I am so ready to move on to another project. So many projects in my head and so little time!

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