Saturday, January 24, 2009


So my Year 2000 quilt is on hold until I can get a space large enough to sandwich it all together.  I have done nothing but look at my next unfinished project this week.  It is a partially finished bee quilt top.

When I pulled out earlier this week, I discovered that what I do have done I am not happy with.  I can tell that I rushed through it and there are seams that don't match up and there is puckering. I know what I have to do -- the dreaded seam ripping..... otherwise I will not be happy.  I HATE seam ripping.

I'm sure that when I was just sitting on my bedroom floor thinking about this project and looking at it it might appear that I was doing nothing.  But actually I was trying to figure out "Now what."  I considered throwing it away and start over - I have enough fabric.  I also considered leaving it alone and just finish it.  But today, I won't do either, today I will start ripping and rethink how to put this together better.

That is the problem for me when I am not following directions. This quilt is in my head - derived from 3 other quilts that I took a little of this and that from.  So there are no directions and that is my problem.  I get frustrated because I don't feel I know what I am doing and then I just get impatient.  

I also considered putting it back away and doing something else - Lord knows I have enough projects I want to do.  I might still consider that as I go pick up my seam ripper.

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Terry said...

I'll send my daughter right over. She picked out her first seam yesterday and now she's hooked! She says she loves taking out seams! Crazy girl! LOL