Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quilters Stimluating the Economy

Well, I did my part to help stimulate the economy, post Christmas, and I wasn't alone.

The day after Christmas I decided to go to JoAnne Fabric and see if I could find any deals. Wow, they had great deals on Christmas fabric for $1.99 a yard (regularly $8.99).... and I wasn't the only one enjoying the great prices.

I was looking through the ones left on the shelf thinking that there wasn't much left. I grabbed 2 arm loads of fabric bolts and proceeded to the cutting table. Low and behold - that's where it all went. The lady in front of me had so many bolts I couldn't count and was buying all the fabric left on the bolt! I heard her total in fabric was $150 - that's a lot of fabric at $1.99 a yard!

The lady next to her had numerous amounts of Christmas fabric as well but was not buying the whole bolts. When she was done, I peeked in to the fabric bins and got a whole new selection of Christmas fabrics to pick from. I behaved, I didn't spend a fortune but I got some great fabric!

You can count on quilters to stimulate the economy!

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