Thursday, December 18, 2008

The gift of GIVING

I can hear it now - awwww - both of my sons do basic quilting. Wyatt does more than Jack. Jack was really into Thomas The Tank Engine but is kind of growing out of it. While at the fabric store he found Chrismas Thomas fabric and wanted some "to make a quilt." So, nothing fancy, I just folded the fabric in half, put in batting and machine quilted alittle bit. I gave it to him and put it in a hoop and he did a little hand quilting.

Tonight he said "Mommy I want to wrap the Thomas quilt and give it to someone." I was a little disappointed. I said, "Well, okay, but I thought you really liked it." He said he did but he wanted to give it to someone he loved. So he took it and wrapped it in Christmas paper and brought it to me and said it was for me. awwwwww. Arn't kids the best?

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