Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What To Do With Old Jeans????

... I have an idea - make a quilt!

My husband ALWAYS wears jeans (including to our wedding).  He had the idea he wanted his mother to make a quilt for him from his old jeans and wala this is the quilt she made for him back in 1993.  

This quilt is so large it fits our queen sized bed really well.  It is SOOOO heavy that it's hard for me to handle by myself.  Because of the heaviness of the jean material, she tied this quilt instead of quilting it, can you blame her?  On the back and continued as the binding you will see she used WARM blue and black plaid flannel material.  This quilt is a perfect quilt for our bed during the winter months here in Vermont.

My husband LOVES this quilt - it's his favorite.  As you can see he wore different colors of jeans and that gives this quilt a lot of character.  Our son Jack doesn't believe us that these use to be Daddy's jeans, he thinks we are making it up.

I have recently seen quilts that are made using fabrics from little girl's dresses.  I think that is such a neat idea.  Since I don't have any little girls, I am saving my boys special t-shirts to make them each a t-shirt quilt some day.  I also am hoping that someday I can be blessed with a little granddaughter and then I can make her a quilt using her dresses!  I have also heard of quilts made out of handkerchiefs.   How creative!

I love the recycling mentality and what awesome memories these make.  Part of quilting, I believe, is the recycling factor.  Early quilters re-used fabrics from feed sacks and clothing to make quilts to keep them warm and give as gifts.  I think over the generations many quilters have gotten away from that and purchase all of their fabrics (including myself).  In these days of saving money and saving the environment I think we should try to go back and recycle fabrics and create warm and meaningful memories!

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