Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Grandma's Flowers

According to my Mom, this quilt was appliqued by my Great Grandma Cooper.  As a child, I remember Mom and Dad had this quilt on their bed during the summer a lot so it is well loved.  I love appliqued flowers on quilts - although I have not done any myself.  Perhaps some day I will get around to it.  I'm not sure if Great Grandma Cooper quilted this quilt - it seems my Grandma and Great Grandma just did the applique and and then had it "sent out" to be hand quilted by someone else in the tiny town of Smithfield, Ohio.  

It's quilts like this that continue to inspire me to create.  As I've stated before I just love the history of quilting and thinking of all these women sitting every night working on their quilts.  That was their entertainment - as well as practicality of staying warm and making their bed coverings.  They also made wonderful gifts (and still do!) 

I know that when I quilt I think, sometimes I watch a movie or TV or a NASCAR race while I am creating - but I still am thinking about things.  I know what I think about, I wonder what these ladies thought about?  Even though it was so many years ago that this quilt was made - I feel a connection to it, as though it's all the love and thoughts and memories of my family that no longer exist.  I feel it my duty to preserve those thoughts, feelings and memories - I just hope I can instill in my children or grandchildren the same love of quilts and family memories so they will take care of my collection!

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