Monday, November 10, 2008

Champlain Valley Quilters Guild - Quilt Show

This past weekend, much to my delight, was the Champlain Valley Quilters Guild quilt show at Shelburne Farms, in Shelburne, Vermont.  My hubby and I and 2 boys in tow set out to go to the quilt show Saturday morning.  Shelburne Farms is so fascinating.  I had not been there before even though I have driven by it so many times.  It is a working farm that a family donated to be used for educational purposes.  The buildings on this property are huge and it makes you wonder how a family could have had that kind of money way back when.  Anyways, the actual quilt show was being held in the coach barn (bigger than most houses) and was an awesome setting.  This is a very large quilt guild which I may someday have to become a member of.  They had so many quilts and they were so beautiful.  It was crowded with lots of people and tight display areas, but the quilts were all the rage.  I could have spent a very long time in there going from quilt to quilt had I not taken my hubby and kids.  All the kids did was complain and get in people's way.  I learned my lesson!  

There were a couple quilts that really jumped out at me.  My hubby took lots of photos but doesn't have them on the computer yet to show you.  As soon as they are up I will post them and share them with you.

One special quilt on display was a tribute quilt to those who perished 9/11 at Ground Zero.  The quilt is by Lois Jarvis of Madison, Wisconsin.  It was so touching.

There were a few demonstrations, a quilt raffle, silent auction, merchant mall and food.  It could have been even a better experience, had I not taken the kids, but I really loved going.

I must admit I love finding flaws in other people's quilts.  Is that crazy or are there more quilters that do the same thing?  I'm not doing it to be critical of their quilt - I do it because I want to know that everyone has flaws, that I'm not the only one!

I didn't get any quilting or piecing done this past weekend, even after going to a quilt show and being inspired.  It was a very lazy weekend.

For more information on the Champlain Valley Quilters' Guild of Vermont you can go to their website at

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