Monday, November 3, 2008

Aunt Mary's Quilt

This is a beautiful quilt that I inherited from my Great Aunt Mary.  I didn't even know that she quilted until just before her passing.  My Grandma had given me a quilt top which she said was pieced by Aunt Mary and I took it and quilted it.  Upon her passing, though, I had the honor of being able to take this quilt which was being stored in a cedar chest, which I was able to have as well.  What an awesome surprise finding this beautiful quilt inside the chest.  The white blocks are embroidered which even adds more to the quilt in my opinion.  I'm not sure when this quilt was made but I would have to guess between 1930 - 1990's.  

I am so lucky to have these beautiful quilts in my possession.  Some day I want to be able to properly display them instead of tucking them away in a cedar chest.  All of these quilts have deep meaning to me and give me a sense of warmth and love from each person that made them.  I know that most quilts back in the early 1900's were made for utilitarian purposes, they didn't have the luxury of turning up the furnace like we do, but the time and effort put into these quilts is incredible.  I guess I can appreciate that because I make quilts.  I know that problems, the frustration, the time, the effort, the thought, the heart that it takes to put a quilt together.

This weekend I have been working on some wall hangings for Christmas.  I love seeing it come together.  I made and arrangement with my mother-in-law Vicki to quilt them for me.  She is a much faster hand quilter than I am and can whip one of these babies out in no time.  I think I am just going to start making an inventory and perhaps next craft show season see if I can sell anything that I make.  My first real leap into the world of making quilted projects to sell.  I just am really nervous about turning something I love into a job.  I would love any advice, comments or hints from other quilters who sell their works.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow - your Aunt Mary's quiltop is a very special treasure, for sure. Enjoy it - and don't pack it away somewhere for safe keeping. Quilts are made to wrap us in love and comfort.
With regard to your endeavor - I say GO FOR IT. I too am going to open up an Etsy shop sometime in the next few weeks. I've been working like a madlady on stuff for inventory. Craft fairs are good too - hey, if you can even support your crafty habbits by selling a few things here and there - absolutely do so.
Loved visiting your sweet little blog here. I'll visit again.