Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Antique Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This is a beautiful, scrappy double wedding ring quilt from my mother's closet (hidden treasure talked about previously) and it was probably made by my mother's grandmother. I really like this quilt with all the vintage fabrics in it. No reproductions here - this is all the real feedsack fabrics. This quilt is square, just like the other hidden treasures I found and done by the same quilter. I had previously asked if anyone knew why they made these quilts square - and still haven't had anyone answer so I guess it will remain a mystery.

I have this particular quilt hanging in my bedroom. I love looking at it. I have only attempted to piece curved pieces and didn't succeed - had to give it to a more experianced quilter. So I totally appricate the work on this quilt because of the fabric that was recycled and cut out of feedsacks, the time and effort into piecing the curved pieces, and the fine hand quilting. I would love to know all the stories behind these quilts and the family members that made them, but unfortunatly I won't get that information since no one who knows anything about these quilts is still alive. I just have this vision of a hot summer day or a cool winter night and my presumably Great-Grandmother making this quilt with the scraps of fabric she had after a long day of working around the house. Sometimes I wonder if I were born in the wrong generation, maybe I should have been born back in those days. I would love to have quilting bees and so forth, but I don't believe many women my age are interested in those types of things these days. What a shame. I guess the best I can do is put my own heart and soul into the quilts that I make and hope that the generations after me can appricate what I have created.

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