Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Quilter's Nook

Welcome to my new blog. I had started a previous blog bug have decided to make a few changes. So here we go with round 2.

My name is Beth and I am a wife and a mother of 2 boys - and I LOVE TO QUILT. Not only do I love to quilt, I love reading about quilting (fiction and nonfiction), I love seeing quilts, I love visiting quilt shops, I love talking about quilts, I love going to quilt shows and I love showing off my quilts.

I grew up around quilts. I remember my Grandma making quilts when I was little and my Grandpa helping her. I have always slept under quilts made by family. I really got started doing it myself in 1995, my first project being a Christmas gift for my parents. I have not stopped since.

I am what you probably would call an old fashion lap quilter. I enjoy having that warm quilt on my lap while I quilt. I realize I am in the minority these days. I admit I have machine quilted (with a regular sewing machine) a few small projects, and although I had them done really fast, I did not enjoy it nearly as much. I just am of the mindset that quilts should be loved and used and maybe not perfect. I think quilts that look too perfect arn't usable - I know that probably upsets some quilters.

As I said, my Grandmother, my first memory of a quilter, hand appliqued quilts with other women in her community and then sent them to be quilted. I have distinct memories of being at her house and my Grandfather on the floor cutting out her applique pieces. I have a couple of quilts by her and they are very treasured. The pictured one above, is my favorite. I slept under it most of my childhood. It is purple, is twin size and VERY worn. I now keep it safe and secure in a cedar chest. I have no intentions of having it fixed, I love it just the way it is. The second quilt, I have from her is one she gave me whan I got married (shown below). This quilt is also in my cedar chest only because it is a double bed size and I have a queen size bed, so it doesn't fit.

In future blogs I plan on expanding more on my quilt collection, those family members who have quilted, quilt questions I have, funny stores and mishaps, quilt stores and shows I have been too, books I have read, and perhaps I'll even get pictures of my quilts up.

I am hoping that some of you can help me with questions I have. I am self taught and so I am sure I am doing things the hard way. Perhaps I can even help you with questions you have. I find sharing information is the best way to learn, since I really don't have time to take classes.

I look forward to hearing from all my fellow quilters out there, especially if you are from Vermont - contact me! I'd love to make all kinds of new friends and talk about quilts!

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