Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Sew" many things to do!

So much going on! 
I'm planning a halloween party for my cub scout pack next week, 
wrapping up the cub scout popcorn sale,
 working more hours,
 assisting with homework,
 husband's working late & weekends,
 trying to fit in quilting to boot  

However I consider this all a "good" kind of busy.  We are blessed to have been introduced to a great uplifting organization such as the Cub Scouts, we are blessed to have jobs, we are blessed to have 2 great boys and I'm blessed with the desire of creating quilts (just to name a few of our blessings.)  

You could say we are recession proof (minus our 401K and kids college accounts tanking) - for now anyways - thanks to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Program.  I just heard on the local news that the food bank here in Vermont is really struggling to keep up with the demand and that the new people coming in are young to middle age families (aka middle class families.)  That devastated me because that is me!  I'm very thankful we don't need to go to the food bank - but I just wish I had more money so that I could help the food bank!  Think of all the money going into the elections -- wouldn't that be a lot of money to help heat homes, feed families, buy prescription medications or whatever.  I realize money is very important to elections - maybe more now than ever - who knows - but it's sad that people in our own country have to make decisions between food, heat and medications.

I hear all the negativity around me and I just can't help but be thankful for what I have and the loved ones in my life and just feel - it will be okay. Otherwise- I'd be depressed all the time!


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