Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grandma's Fan - Literally

This is a Grandma's Fan quilt - and literally probably from my Great-Grandmother. This is part of the "found in my parents closet, have no idea where it's from" collection as previously mentioned. I love the old fabrics used in this quilt. If you look real closely at the bottom right of the quilt, down on the red border, you might be able to see a golf ball size critter hole. A couple of the quilts I inherited from my mother's closet have these holes.
I use to have this hanging in my bedroom but now it's in my living room. I read somewhere that you should have a touch of red in every room. I cannot remember why but I think it brings you joy or something like that. Who knows - I read it so it must be true, right?

Every time I look at this quilt I find another imperfection. Funny, but I love finding those in these old quilts because that means I'm normal because I make mistakes in mine. I also like to look at these quilts and think about what I would have done differently. For instance, in this particular quilt, I love how the "handle" of the fan is red - but notice how there is red in some of the fans as well - I would not have done that, I think it distracts the eye.

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