Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy Times for A Crazy Quilter

Hello - I have been out of town visiting family and haven't had a chance to update my blog! I do have a travel story though that involves a quilt!

My son's and I made a quick trip to see family this past weekend. I had some room in my luggage and decided to stuff a queen size log cabin quilt (the one shown) into it.  I thought I would take it to my mother-in-law to have her fix the binding. She is the one who made this quilt and gave it to us when we got married. This quilt is always on my bed and well loved. Unfortunatly, our flights were cancelled and rebooked with a different airlines and I was freaking out that I would lose my luggage (my quilt actually - who cares about the clothes)! Luckily, this story has a happy ending - my luggage made it to my destination and I was very relieved! Funny thing - when my mother-in-law took a look at the quilt she said "wow, I think I'm going to have to make you a new one." Oh, darn!

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Brandy said...

Love that story, Beth!
I love the quilt, too.

We received a beautiful quilt for our wedding, too. The only problem is that my SIL had it quilted by someone who didn't do a very good job, so the stitches "pop" all of the time! So I THINK I need to actually take it apart and have it re-quilted. What a pain! But when I finally do it, I am sure it'll be well worth all the effort - and the stitches will stay intact.

But my goodness, I need to post a photo 'cause the quilt is beautiful!!!