Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bob The Builder Quilt

As stated in my last post, I made a quilt for one son, Jack, about trucks and for my other son, Wyatt, I did this Bob The Builder quilt because at that time he loved Bob The Builder. I found a lady online who machine embroidered the Bob The Builder squares for me and even did one that says "Wyatt The Builder" which I put right in the middle. This was a very easy quilt and was done quickly. I hand quilted it, like I do with most of my quilts. This is currently on my son's bed even though he has grown out of Bob The Builder - it's more like Legos and Star Wars now. That's the problem with doing theme quilts for kids - by the time you make a quilt of something that interests them - they have moved on to another interest.

I'm thinking aloud here, I wonder if there is a quilt I could do to look like Legos? Does anyone know of a pattern or have any ideas as to how I would go about that? I would be the coolest Mom ever if I could figure out how to do this one! Oh my, now my brain is going to town. Please, if anyone one has any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

Speaking of Lego's how many of you know what I'm talking about when I say I'm so sick of stepping on Lego's? When the boys were younger they used the big mega sized Legos, those were easy to see and avoid. But now we have graduated to the more complex Lego sets which have these wee tiny pieces and then if they are clear - well, the only way you find them is by stepping on them! I always threaten to throw away any Lego I have stepped on, but have you seen the price of Lego sets? I can't afford to throw them away! Besides, Wyatt would somehow know that piece was missing - he seems to have them all memorized and numbered!

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